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Magical Moments by River and Ry


I have worked hard to create and perfect bold, colorful, and moody outdoor presets as well as creamy, warm, cozy indoor presets for Lightroom. I am a huge lover of all things vibrant and emotive. These presets may not always be one click, but are an amazing base to apply small tweaks to your photos.

The Photoshop actions include several toning actions to perfect your images even further, skin actions to get the buttery creamy skin, and some eye popping actions. 

Both these presets and actions are what I use on a daily basis and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Stories in pictures



60 minutes

If Photoshop is completely overwhelming, but you are hoping to learn how to properly use the features and tools in within - this is the Mentorship for you. We will not cover anything advanced, but this will give you a firm hold on how to really delve into and use Photoshop correctly. This class will give you a frim hold on how to delve into and use photoshop correctly before moving forward into the "MY WORKFLOW" mentorship that will teach you to enhance your photos. No previous knowledge of photoshop necessary. Must already have photoshop purchased and installed.


We will go over how to process from start to finish and how I would generally process an image with actions as well.  I also share my editing on a few different images to give an idea of how I would process a photograph from RAW to completion in different editing situations.

My actions and presets are included as well as my exclusive bonus actions that are not available for purchase n my store.

As an overview, this includes:

Screen Sharing (Watch me work as I run through and talk you through my editing via ZOOM.)

One Hour online with me covering all of my editing and processing tricks in Adobe Photoshop CC, 

How I process my RAW files in ACR (Adobe Camera RAW which is translatable to Lightroom).

An overview of how I would edit a photo from a typical session.

How I use my own actions as well as how I manually edit and tweak my photos.

What you will need:

Photoshop CC. (If you use elements I will try to customize my editing to apply to your program, however I will be doing my editing IN Photoshop CC. You do not need CC for these mentorships, but it is highly recommended you have CC versions. I also recommend basic knowledge of Photoshop; such as Layers and how they are used- as well as the basics of shooting manual on your camera.)

ZOOM (free to download)

That is it!! Just yourself!

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