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Congratulations, you’ve decided to marry your person! And 

congratulations to me, too, because you’ve chosen me to join you for the ride. Words cannot describe how honored I am to be a part of your love story. If you want to get to know me better, you can do that here:


It's not everyday that you get to plan a wedding! No one ever told you all the little details you might need or want. I want you to take a minute and really think about your wedding day! What the looks like exactly and the most important things! You want these photos to look back on! These are the heirlooms that will be passed down to the next generations. Each time these are seen, they should be felt! I made this guide to help answer any questions! Even if you didn't know you had these questions, they will be answered!



You have one complimentary 15 minute in studio engagement session with 5 edited digital images
(client closet included for women)

B O N U S : 

You’ll have beautiful images to add to wedding invitations or save-the-date cards!

complimentary engagement sessions take place in the studio (Scottsdale, AZ) Mon-Thurs



Getting Ready

If you chose a package that will cover getting ready photos of you guys getting ready, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind!



It's soo important to have great lighting during the getting ready shots. This helps make your photos pop and not turn out super grainy! But it is also super helpful for your hair & makeup artists! If your venue has a bridal suite, be sure to verify if it will have enough light! I guarantee your photos, your makeup, everything will look better if you have more light!


If getting ready photos are important to you, some brides will look for a nearby Air Bnb that has great light to get ready at. Even if you don't have me there for getting ready, hair + makeup will appreciate it, it makes it soo pretty for putting on your dress and final details!


Setting aside time specifically for putting on your dress is such a big detail that often gets missed when making the timeline. I love to get those sweet moments with you first getting into your dress having all the real feels!! FINALLY!! YOU GET TO WEAR IT!


We will take a few photos of you and your girls and then the groom and his boys (separately) OR if we are doing a first look then together.


This may be the one chance with no distractions, just to soak in all that is happening. Take this time to read each others letters! Reapply your lipstick or put on your last minute jewelry.



This will be the last moment before becoming a wife or husband!! If you are doing bridal party photos before the ceremony, let's schedule in this 10-20 minutes just for you! Right before the ceremony!


Remember this guide is to help prep you, not to stress you out!! These photos are great for capturing all the hard work that went into planning this wedding. Hiring someone to create beautiful stationary is also a great option to make your dream designs come true!


When you are getting ready, I will most likely be taking these detail shots. Make sure to pack these all together when you are packing up for your wedding day! Include anything important you might want documented. Here are some examples:


-ring box

-vow books



-invitation suite



-program + menu





-cuff links


Depending on your venue location and getting ready location, it is important to include extra time in the timeline for travel. If you both are getting ready at separate locations, we have to account for the driving time it will take to hop back and forth! This is just a helpful tip to include in the timeline!


First Look




This is something that tends to be one of the hardest decisions of the wedding day. Whether to have a first look prior to the ceremony, or the traditional way of "seeing the bride for the first time walking down the aisle." Both are great options and both have their perks! I want this decision to be completely up to you!


I love first looks! Getting that private moment with just the two of you is always so sweet. First looks also helps with your timeline. If you are having a later ceremony or not having a cocktail hour, this option is great because you can most of the photos done beforehand.


This is so traditional and most of the time so emotional. Most bride and grooms dream of seeing their love at the end of the aisle for the first time. The anticipation and the build up!! You are already so excited, so nervous, so happy, and all of the emotions are just bursting!! Your emotions usually overflow when you catch that first glimpse of each other!!


I am with you! There are huge benefits to both ways. Although I might add, if your timeline doesn't include a cocktail hour, or you are wanting sunset photos (more to come on that.. keep reading) then I would suggest choosing to do a First Look.



Bridal Party &Family

If you are planning on doing a first look, we can schedule in time to get your bridal party and most of your family photos done before the ceremony. It usually takes 30-45 minutes.


If you are wanting photos with family who won't already be at the venue, make sure to let them know ahead of time when + where to meet for these.


This way, we can wrap up all the pre-ceremony photos and still have time to decompress before you say "I DO"!

If you are doing a first look, I'll still pull you aside as a couple at sunset for some portraits of just you two as well.

If we are doing family and wedding party portraits after the ceremony, we will get them out of the way after saying "I do" before we do the portraits of you and your partner.





There is nothing worse than getting your photos back and seeing all the phones that were out right in the aisle during the kiss!  Having your officiant announce this during the ceremony (before anyone's walks down the aisle) is always a good call if you are deciding to go unplugged


The location and the time of day can change the look of your photos! If you are planning on having an afternoon wedding (12-4) make sure to check out your venue during that time of day before hand! You want to make sure you can see both of your faces without being blinded by the sun!!If you have more questions on this, I would love to chat it over with you!


Random I know! But this one is always good to mention just in case! I like to recommend leaving enough room in the aisle as if 3-4 people would be walking together! This probably won't be the case, but it makes you exiting a lot easier! You want to make sure everyone walks at a slow pace and spread apart. It looks a bit awkward and is hard to capture when everyone is walking clumped together and quickly. Remind your bridal party to smile while walking down the aisle and to avoid RBF (resting bitch face).


You guys.. for real! Soak in your ceremony! Don't think about anything but this moment! You are making the biggest promise and commitment so make sure to try and be present mentally. You wouldn't think this would be hard but it can be!



Even if you aren’t religious, there are many sacred or meaningful acts you could perform to make your ceremony even more special. Here are some common ceremony rituals done throughout history from different cultures across the world. Here are some ideas to inspire you and let you find the meaning behind these for your story.

  • Wrap yourselves in blankets

  • Sign the Ketubah

  • Exit under an arch of swords

  • Sundial ceremony

  • Light a fire

  • Wine ceremony

  • Receive “Tilak”

  • Pass the rope

  • Have a Chuppah

  • Light a unity candle

  • Mix two different types of sand

  • Circle one partner

  • Have a crowning

  • Lasso ceremony, draped in garland or rosary twisted into the symbol of infinity

  • Handfasting

  • Tie the knot, literally

  • Jump a broom

  • Plant a tree or pot

  • Pass your rings around

  • Create a time capsule

  • Feet washing

  • Paint a picture


Post Ceremony Portraits

This will look different depending on your timeline and when you want to do all the photo groupings, but for something more traditional plan on about 1-1.5 hours to include wedding party, family, and couple's portraits. These are all best done at golden hour

(starting one hour before sunset).

These are the photos we will go all out for by adding in sunsets if there's no clouds in the sky, skin editing, teeth whitening, etc. 





A big reason I wanted to create this guide for you was to help with any questions you might have and questions you didn't know you had!! Knowing how much light is available for your wedding day, helps me bring all the necessary gear! Let's chat about your reception area beforehand so I can get a good idea of what I will need! The light might look decent to the naked eye, but professional cameras need more light than eyes do. Different lighting will require different equipment and create different looking photos. All of the outdoor photos on my Instagram were taken during golden hour (one hour before sunset-sunset) not every portion of your wedding photos will look like that. That's why I schedule the couple's photos and such during golden hour.

Send Off

There are so many send off options if you are wanting a grand exit! I have seen sparklers, florals, confetti, glow sticks!!


Timeline Examples


Remember, every wedding is different—these are just suggestions!

#1 (for couples having a “first look”): 

11:30 a.m. - Wedding Photographer Arrives

12 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. – Getting Ready Photos

1:15 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. – First Look and Couple Portraits

  • Couple together

  • Bride/groom solo

  • Partner solo

2:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. – Wedding Party Portraits

  • Whole group

  • One side of wedding party with couple

  • Bride/groom with their side of wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.)

  • Bride/groom with partner's side of wedding party

  • Other side of wedding party with couple

  • Partner with bride/groom's side of wedding party

  • Partner with their side of wedding party

2:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. – Family Portraits (during cocktail hour)

  • Couple with bride/groom's parents

  • Couple with bride/groom's parents and siblings

  • Couple with bride/groom's parents, siblings and grandparents

  • Bride/groom with parents

  • Bride/groom with each parent individually

  • Couple with both sets of parents

  • Couple with partner's parents

  • Couple with partner's parents and siblings

  • Couple with partners parents, siblings, and grandparents

  • Partner with parents

  • Partner with each parent individually

4:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. – Ceremony

5:00 p.m. – Cocktail Hour

6:00 p.m. - Wedding Reception

  • Couple's grand entrance

  • First dance

  • Guest table photos

  • Guest on the dance floor

  • Parent dances

  • Toasts and speeches

  • Bouquet/garter toss

  • Cake cutting

  • Last dance

  • Send-off 

#2 (for couples not having a “first look”):

(Note, if you’re having a second shooter present at your wedding, wedding party portraits may be taken at the same time at separate locations.)

1 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. – Getting Ready Photos

2:15 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. – Separate Wedding Party and Family Photos

  • Bride/groom with his/her side of wedding party

  • Bride/groom with parents

  • Bride/groom with each parent individually

  • Bride/groom solo

  • Partner with his/her side of wedding party

  • Partner with parents

  • Partner with each parent individually

  • Partner solo

4:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. – Ceremony

5:10 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.  – Couple Portraits and Group Portraits (at golden hour)

  • Couple

  • Couple with wedding party

  • Couple with one side of wedding party

  • Couple with other side of wedding party

  • Couple with bride/groom’s parents

  • Couple with bride/groom’s parents and siblings

  • Couple with bride/groom’s parents, siblings and grandparents

  • Couple with both sets of parents

  • Couple with partner’s parents

  • Couple with partner’s parents and siblings

  • Couple with partner’s parents, siblings, and grandparents

6:30 p.m. – Wedding Reception

  • Couple's grand entrance

  • First dance

  • Guest table photos

  • Guest on the dance floor

  • Parent dances

  • Toasts and speeches

  • Bouquet/garter toss

  • Cake cutting

  • Last dance

  • Send-off


List of My Fav Vendors


I also know someone who rents out their VW bus!

Final Thoughts

A month before your wedding, I will send you over a questionnaire that helps tie up any loose ends. This will also help me with your timeline. I love being apart of the timeline process so whether you have hired a planner or are needing some assistance let me know so we can have enough time to change anything if needed. 

You will receive your photos 10 weeks after your date. I will send them to you via an online gallery that allows you to download them straight to your computer or phone. It also makes it super easy to share with friends and family.

When you receive your photos make sure to check out the contract again in case you want any changes! It goes over all the things you will need to know!

It's so easy to get caught up in the details of it all. The placement of the tables, and the order of the timeline. YES, those things are important, but this day is all about you guys. I am here 100% for you. What will be remembered is the anticipation you feel the morning of. It will be popping champagne with your closest friends. I want you to be completely YOU on this day. I want you to feel stress free and remember that this is the day you get to say "heck yes" to the love of your life.


I am beyond excited to continue this journey with you. I am honored you have chosen me to walk alongside you in what will be the BEST DAY EVER. So cheers you two!! Let's do this thing and get you married!

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