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Everything will be set up in advance so that I can get right to work upon arrival. I will refer back to your newborn questionnaire the day before your session to set up for colors and any requests you had, so please make sure that questionnaire is filled out when you get it. If it's filled out less than 48 hours before your session, I will not be able to accommodate certain colors. Newborn sessions take 2-6hrs depending on baby. Please do not schedule anything after or make plans for after because babies are unpredictable. Many factors can effect this from baby's feeding times to baby's sleepiness.

I tend to keep the studio extra warm so that your baby is comfortable. Upon arrival, We will start with parent and family poses. After that, It is encouraged that one parent stay at the studio with the baby and the other parent takes siblings home if you brought them with you (I also have tons of restaurants and parks near the studio) if possible to avoid disrupting the baby's sleep during the solo baby photos. If that isn't possible then siblings are welcome to stay in the studio, but it's parents duty to ensure that the environment stays calm and tidy in the sitting area. I can also provide a scooter or bubbles for your kiddos to play outside. You are also welcome to borrow the key to the pool and have your partner take the older kiddos for a swim while they wait. Snacks are provided, but ordering food for yourselves while you wait is highly encouraged as well. Please do NOT bring any clothing items, wraps, or props with you for baby to the session unless it is one very sentimental item. River and Ry Photography will provide all of the props for your session.


Take the day after you have had your baby to bask in his/her glory and enjoy every moment and rest. Contact your photographer the day after you have had your baby to schedule a session. The best time to have baby come in for their session is 7-14 days old because they are sleepier, easier to pose. and less sensitive to touch. 


The Studio

My lifestyle studio is decorated beautifully with neutral browns and creams, pampas grass, boho flower arrangements, macramé, rattan furniture, and tons of gorgeaus textures. 

When you enter, there are cubbies to place your shoes and hooks to hang your coats.

There is a cozy client area for you to relax in. It features a T.V. , toys for children, a coffee station, yummy snacks, and waters.


6980 E Sahuaro Dr. (APT 1067) Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Building #17. If you are facing leasing office turn left, Turn right at stop sign. 3rd  Building on the right. You can park in any uncovered spaces. (See photo below for reference of location).



What should we be doing to get ready?



  • NAPS- Make sure siblings get their naps in.

  • BATH- Give baby a bath before you feed them (about 45 mins-1hr before you leave) to keep baby awake and stimulated.

  • FEED- Give the baby a full feed before leaving to come to the studio. Prepare to top baby off when you get here as well.

  • BRUSH AND FLOSS- Make sure there isn't any lingering food or plaque in the teeth.

  • ARRIVE- Please try to arrive on time. 

  • Please do NOT bring any outside props, wraps, etc. to the studio. River and Ry Photography will provide all of the props and such. You are allowed to bring one sentimental item with you.

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  • CLOTHING- If you are a stickler for wrinkles, then steam/iron clothing. Then, put outfits on hangers grouping them by outfits with accessories. Example: Mom's dress and cardigan go on one hanger, drape socks over hanger, put any bows, rings, etc. in a zip lock and attach it to hanger, then hang it up with the shoes next to it. If you are borrowing from the client closet, I'll have your items all ready to go when we meet up.

  • PACK- Pack up extra diapers and wet wipes (great for cleaning faces too), pacifiers (bring if even if baby doesn't take it or if you don't want baby to use one), bottles (with formula if you formula feed)

  • NAILS- Trim fingernails and fix chipped polish. This is also a great excuse to have a spa night with the family and treat yourself to some movies, popcorn, hot chocolate, nail painting, and face masks.

  • DIRECTIONS- Make sure you look up the studio address on your phone and check to see how long it takes to get to the studio from your home and take traffic into consideration



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